Steel For A Sustainable Future

Supreme Group acknowledges the importance of sustainable practice in all its’ works and has implemented a number of initiatives to support this commitment.  This encompasses many practices ranging from encouraging electronic information transfer over paper correspondence through efficient recycling practices for office, plant and field, to application of emerging building systems that are cleaner for the environment and are true to the core concept of providing better value; i.e., doing more with less.  This is a strong reason why the Supreme Group remains an active partner in research and development for structural construction and is knowledgeable about emerging building systems, etc.


Through Supreme Group’s enterprise supplier base, recommendations for most sustainable product are regularly received to meet LEED project requirements, including painting systems.

But the steel we use to construct our new cities, homes and infrastructure isn’t only made to stand the test of time, reliable for decades of heavy use - it’s also the world’s most recyclable structure.

supreme group steel worker
supreme group steel structure