Execution Strategies

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)


Supreme Group's leadership in Integrated Project Delivery methods is just one more way that we're advancing the steel and construction industry with innovation, establishing new industry best-practices, and delivering greater value to our clients and partners. The integrated project delivery (IPD) process brings together a cohesive group of stakeholders of the major project team. These stakeholders typically include designers, architects, engineers (SCM), construction companies and other project related service providers assembled for a trusted team. Through open and objective collaboration, project challenges are solved with streamlined approaches for the benefit of the client. This is a highly adaptive process that can occur in three distinct ways depending on when the team is brought together and what the dominant influencing factors are for the project. 


Integrated Design

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An integrated design team is composed of specific engineering (SCM) and construction experts that work as a unified design team beginning in the early stages of the project. The Integrated Design process includes a focus on information management from the constructor’s perspective that is maintained throughout the project to ensure that each part of the team is always using the most up to date information. Supreme Group does this using the 3F Model: i.e., File to Fabrication to Field; the information in the Building Information Model is managed accurately and hence can be translated directly for manufacturing and finally for communicating precisely for field installation. The integrated design method invites the team to develop structural steel solutions that promotes efficient emerging building systems into the final design. This approach routinely delivers a lower installed cost over a conventional project delivery approach and does so in a dramatically reduced construction design and construct period.


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A design-build project delivery is an approach to the integrated project delivery method that utilizes a formalized partnership between the owner, designer and fabricator. This approach is great for fast-track projects requiring earlier decision making upfront. Supreme Group has a reputation for adapting innovative installation programs based on well thought-out fabrication sequencing. Logistics for material transportation to site is designed to ensure the erection process is quick and efficient as possible for the given conditions which can vary significantly. Solutions are developed to ensure that project installation objectives are maintained even in cold weather climates. The design-build project delivery method is versatile and can be used in building, industrial and transportation infrastructure sector projects.


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The design-assist project delivery method brings Supreme Group’s involvement to the project early on in project’s development to steer constructability and efficiency in form through highly experienced advice offering. The design-assist method allows Supreme Group to influence a custom approach for design development and information management. We prefer to execute within a Building Information Management (BIM) environment on design- assist projects. We pride ourselves on being a reliable resource to the design community and general contractors for suggested improvements to preliminary structural designs. Supreme Group is experienced with refining and optimizing structural framing of conventional designs and has a consistent record of its engineering services (SCM) providing solutions to meet aggressively modified schedules.