Estimating Services

steel estimating and building estimating

Supreme's highly experienced team of estimating professionals are qualified to create the most accurate budget estimate possible, ranging from order of magnitude estimates to detailed Class A budgets. Creating proper estimates is at the core of our business and involves collaboration from all departments.


Our engineers (certified under SCM), drafting, and fabrication experts, along with our construction teams all work with the estimating department to create an accurate budget, and just as importantly, a suitable project schedule. We’re also able to help cut costs through our experience with design and installation efficiencies and provide you with an insight into the lowest total installed cost of the project.

Your estimate can be broken down by unit price, lump sum, and cost plus formats, whichever method makes the most sense for your project.


Utilizing 3D modeling technology is another dimension of our estimating services that helps portray a complete image of what your project will look like,  more accurately predict costs, and shorten project cycle time. Interested in seeing the potential product before making a major financial commitment? Our estimating services will deliver.


Need a response quickly? We have the resources to respond all types of inquiries.