Steel Detailing

steel detailing and building information modeling

At Supreme Group, we know every little detail can have a major impact on your finished product. That’s why whether you’re constructing a bridge, arena, commercial property or public works project, our team of steel detailers is hard at work before the first beam is cut and shipped.


Supreme Group’s highly experienced team, our implementation of industry-leading technology and software, and proficiency with electronic data interchange (EDI) allows us to work with a wide range of project file formats, allowing us to seamlessly collaborate with your design team.


Our team of over 60 expert steel detailers are leaders in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment.  We have the experience of working in a complete virtual environment, allowing the design team to work in partnership with other disciplines to deliver a successful project. This ensures efficiencies from design development through construction, and a higher level of quality.

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC)

Once the virtual model is developed, the information is transferred to our manufacturing equipment electronically, ensuring what is fabricated matches the virtual model. We leave the precision steel processing up to our computers. Each of our shops meets the standard for Supreme Group’s modern vision for the steel industry, including fabrication plants with advanced equipment and computers, as well as operations that lead industry best practices.


Supreme Group’s Computer Numerical Controlled machines allow our fabrication shop teams to work faster and more efficiently by reducing manual labour in the steel fabrication process. The result is precision in every step of the process.