steel plates and steel platework

Our experience with steel platework covers a variety of structures including, but not limited to:


  • bridges (both pedestrian and vehicular)
  • drilling rigs
  • barge and pontoon structures
  • hoppers, bins and chutes
  • storage tanks
  • turbine penstocks


Our expertise in higher-level welding requirements with uncompromising quality control from fit-out to weld-out has enabled Supreme Group to build a reputation for excellence in platework projects.


Our methods for transportation and installation of major fabricated platework structures includes modularizing the components of the structure to make shipping more efficient, and also to make assembly on site logical and straightforward.


Specialized fabrication and engineering professionals (SCM) utilize Supreme Group’s advanced tools and technologies to cut, weld and assemble steel plates of all types and sizes to meet the custom specifications of your construction project, no matter where you are in North America. 


Supreme Group has facilities located across Canada and into the United States. Our combined fabrication shop space is more than 550,000 square feet, and our yearly fabrication capacity exceeds 160,000 tons of steel. That means we’re able to create the custom steel platework you need no matter where your project is located or how large the scale. 


Our experience in installation of large platework structures includes consideration for logistical transport, temporary support works, engineered lifts, stability, and safe and accurate fit-up. This enables us to provide pre-construction services for your complex project needs. 

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