Commitment to Safety

Supreme Safety: a Culture of Care. Our commitment to high quality products is mirrored by our commitment to continual safety. We strive to instill ownership of workplace safety in all Supreme Group employees through a Culture of Care. Our commitment to our occupational health and safety policies ensures a safe working environment for all the members of our teams. A company that believes in safety is a company that lives it every day.

Supreme Group is committed to occupational health and safety, with:


  • An emphasis on mitigating risk
  • In-house safety advisors that work with management and employees at all levels to ensure our health and safety policies are properly enacted and followed
  • Striving to exceed regulatory as well as client/partner requirements while working toward the successful completion of a job
  • Continuous evaluation of our internal health and safety management systems to create improvements
  • A number of health and safety certificates of recognition awarded by regional and industry regulatory bodies and their certifying partners