Supreme Group is North America’s steel and construction authority, a business with the experience and expertise to lead this industry and provide exceptional value to our clients and partners. And we have the credentials to prove it:

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Quality Assurance & Quality Control

supreme group quality assurance

Supreme Group follows industry best practices to ensure we’re providing proper quality assurance and quality control measures for every project we undertake. Quality is part of our culture, it’s something we take into consideration in all aspects of our business.  We follow a well-balanced system of procedures for assessing and maintaining the quality of our products before they leave the fabrication shop, as well as methods for ensuring the right protocols for erection and construction are being followed on the job site. Our quality experts are your solutions providers for quality control challenges and we can help implement lean and effective quality measures on your project site.


Our commitment to quality reduces project risk and ensures safe and efficient installation. You can trust us to get it right the first time, every time.